Tuesday, 16 April 2013

DIY - Make and Sew Pyjama Shorts

This week Anna has shared her Pyjama shorts workshop with us. This is a a really useful pattern as once you've mastered shorts you can go on to trousers and play suits very happily. You can also add a fitted waistband and pockets for a tailored look too. Enjoy your sewing! 

Pyjama Shorts by Anna Vickery

Materials Required:
1 m cotton fabric of choice
70cm approx 1cm wide elastic
Matching thread
Lace & Button to decorate
Large safety pin
Large sheet of paper
1. Lie a pair of pyjama shorts (not stretchy ones!) that fit you out flat, fold in half and draw around onto paper with approx 1.5cm seam allowance on the sides to create a pattern. Add on 3.5cm to the top for the elastic channel and 6.5cm to the bottom for the hem.

2. Cut out using your pattern from cotton 2 front pieces and 2 backs - it’s a good idea to make the backs slightly wider. If your cotton has a print make sure this runs in the same direction and place the pattern square on the fabric.

3. Overlock or Zig zag stitch the sides of your 4 pieces to stop them freying.

4. With right sides together stitch fronts to backs at inner leg (short) seams, use 1.5cm seam allowance. Iron the seams open.

5. With right sides together match up fronts and backs and pin the centre seams to each other at top. Stitch the curved inside seam - leave a gap of 2cm, 2cm down from the top on the front section, this is for the elastic opening.

6. With right sides together stitch fronts to backs at side seams.

7. Turn in and iron the top edge of shorts (approx 1/2cm.) Turn down again 2.5cm, measure and pin this all around. Stitch close to the hem to create channel - you can double stitch or do a line of decorative stitching here too if you want.

8. Attach the end of your piece of elastic to a large safety pin and pull this through the channel starting at the opening created at the centre front, pin the ends together and try on the shorts - adjust to get length of elastic correct. Once happy with the fit knot the elastic ends together. Trim the ends of the elastic and hand slip stitch the opening closed.

9. Iron up the hems 2.5cm (this can be to the inside or out depending on look you want.) Turn up again 3cm, measure and pin. Stitch around the hems.

10. Decorate your shorts, I put a bow at the centre front with a button in the middle, but lace trim around the hems or bows at the sides would look cute too.

I'm thinking of making myself some of these for summer shorts in denim and stripes.

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