Tuesday, 16 April 2013

DIY - Gold Sequin Bunny Ears

Equipment: wire cutters, sewing machine, pliers, pins a needle and thread and scissors (Dad's tool box may help today)

Materials: sequinned or printed fabric of your choice, bias binding, hair band, 2 wire coat hangers

1. Bend your wire coat hangers to form bunny ear shapes.

2. Sew your bias binding together to make channels which will cover the wire.

3. Cut the coat hangers and thread the satin binding over the wire.

4. With the pliers bend the ears into loops at the ends and thread onto the hair band. You may want to clamp the wire round the band a little more once they are on, to secure them.

5. Next cut out the ear shapes from your fabric by tracing around the wire ears.

6. Pin the fabric in place and trim off any excess. You can then stitch all the way around the ears to finish.
And here are your bunny ears. xxx

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