Tuesday, 30 April 2013

DIY Glitter Flower Corsage

 Todays DIY is using our new fabric rounds to make a gorgeous glittering flower corsage. 

Materials and equipment: 

A stack of glitter rounds
brooch back or crocodile clip
needle and thread

1. pick the colours combination you want to use from your stack of rounds.

2. pinch the tip of the round and stitch into a petal shape. Continue to do this on each of the 10 petals

3. One by one stitch the petals together in the order you would like them to appear

4. turn over and stitch the back making sure each of the petals are secure. Then sew or glue your brooch back to the base. 

And there is your glittering flower! 
The stacks of glitter rounds are available in our shop in packs of 20. There are two of each colour in the pack, enough to make two corsages. 

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