Tuesday, 23 April 2013

DIY - Birdcage Bow Veil

DIY 1950s Style Birdcage Veil

Here's how to make your own birdcage veil either for your wedding or in different colours for  another event. 
I have always loved these little veils that I used to find on vintage cocktail hats and see in glamour photos from the 1940s. They really finish a dress without being too over the top and when wearing a short wedding dress the birdcage veil is a subtle balance if you don't want to distract from your dress too much.

N.B no cat toys feather fascinators needed here, a simple bow or pill box or nothing keeps it sophisticated.

Materials : alice band
bias binding in your colour choice
20cms sqaure piece of fabric
10cms ribbon
50cms merry widow veiling

Step 1. Cover your Alice band in the bias binding by folding the binding in half length ways and stitching a channel

Thread the Alice band though the bias binding channel and neatly fold the ends and stitch down

Step 2: To make the bow - fold your square length ways with the right sides together. Stitch around the edges of the rectangle and leave a gap in the middle of one edge to turn through.

Clip the corners and turn through your rectangle and press flat.

Pinch the centre of the rectangle to form your bow and tie in the centre with your ribbon

Step 3: Take your veiling and gather one edge to approx 2.5cms Stitch this to your Alice band.

You can shape your veiling by steaming around a curved cushion and trimming the corners to a rounded shape.

Attach your bow on a tilt to the Alice band over the gathering and secure the centre and each end.

And there is your Birdcage veil.

Try different types of veiling, I love the style with the velvet spots. Little flowers and corsages can be used instead of the bow and there are endless combinations. Enjoy experimenting!

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  1. This is a fantastic tutorial and EXACTLY what I was looking for! Thank you so much for posting this! Also, I adore that wedding dress in the first picture ♥