Tuesday, 16 April 2013

DIY - How to make Feather Earrings

This weeks tutorial is feather earrings, something simple, bright, quick and satisfying to do. These are long feathers which look awesome with long hair all mingled with splashes of colour being revealed every now and then.
Materials needed: feathers plain and long, pretty feathers, beads, sequins two earring hooks and embroidery thread. All easy to find at a local haberdashery.
Equipment: thread and super glue (we have a week off from proper sewing!)
Take the long feathers and tie them together with the embroidery thread. With these sharper feathers you can bend and curl them into loops.
Next tie on the pretty feathers, I love the polkadots on these.
Thread your beads into a long loop and add to the feathers, you may want these layered and tied around the feathers.
Add sequins with the glue where you want, you can cluster them at the top or have them sparkling on the edges. Glitter and gems would work really well too.
To finish, soak the top where all the feathers are held together in glue and then wrap the embroidery thread around to tidy. Hook and tie the earring hooks to the feather clusters and there you go. All done!

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