Tuesday, 5 November 2013

DIY - Glitter purse and kit - How to make a purse

We have just launched our glittering purse kit and here are the instructions on how to make it step by step.
If you would like to purchase the kit to make this purse it is available in the shop here. 

Your will need: The purse kit (buy here) 
                          sewing machine
                          clear thread (we used maderia)
                          needle and thread
                          heavy duty size 100 needle
                          zipper foot

You will have : 2 glitter purse pieces, 2 silk lining pieces, 2 tab pieces, 1 zip pull piece, 1 small split ring, one zipper

Step 1:  Sew the zipper to the glitter purse piece. Place the tabs across the zip and sew one side of the zip to the purse piece.
Slide the zipper pull to the centre and sew the other side to the zip. Trim the ends of the zipper.

Step 2: Leaving a 2cm gap at the top, sew the silk lining pieces together all around the curved edge.

Step 3. Fold the top of the silk lining down one side and pin to the zipper. Now sew in place. Repeat for the other side.

Step 4: Now fold the purse together. Tuck the lining up inside and sew around the outer of the purse so it fits securely together. Go round the edges again with a zip zag to finish.

Step 5: taking the long strip of glitter for the zip pull. Fold in half and tuck through the gold ring. Stitch in place.

There is your finished glittering purse. To embellish further you can applique one side or add more sparkly gemstones.
Store away from the light and don't worry about any glitter coming off, it never seems to loose it's sparkle. I've been using mine for a year!

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