Thursday, 21 November 2013

DIY - Festive Glitter Star Garlands

Today's DIY is something to get you in the festive mood making lots of glittering stars to style you're holiday setting.

You will need: 
Glitter fabric (available in the shop here or you can make your own with card, glitter and glue) 
3 metres of fine sparkly ribbon
Swarovski rhinestones and tiffany clasps available from creative bead craft. You can also use a bead or sequin here. 
Sharp scissors

Make a star template and draw out as many as you want to pack on your garland. We used 10 on each three metre garland and our stars measured 6 cms across.
Cut our with sharp strong scissors.

Next take your ribbon and mark 10 points to attach your stars, equally spaced. We left 40cms each end to tie.

Using the tiffany clasp attach the star to the ribbon from the back. Place the crystal in the clasp and fold over the prongs with fine nose pliers.
Alternatively you can sew the stars to the ribbon with a bead or sequin.

Repeat all the ways along and there you have your garland. Simple and gorgeously sparkly!

And if you don't have the time to make these sparkling garlands yourself, we can make them for you. Buy them online in silver or gold from our shop. 

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