Tuesday, 14 May 2013

DIY - Ribbon Plait Bridesmaids Belt

Todays DIY is a gorgeous colourful plaited ribbon belt which is great to work all the colours of your wedding into the bridesmaids dresses. 

1. Start by picking your four ribbons, we used 22mm ribbon for this belt which makes a good sized plait. 
Pi them together at the top and anchor to something sturdy. 

2. The four plait wrap goes like this .... Far Left ribbon .. over , under, over .... Far left ribbon ... over, under, over ... Far Left ribbon .. over, under, over .......

3. Continue plaiting for the length of the waist measurement, tie a knot in the end and stitch the ends over if you want an edge to edge finish. 

4. Then just add a coat hook to one end if you want a clean finish or leave the ribbon loose at each end and fasten by tying in a bow. 

You can then make three of these and plait them together for a statement belt and use different trims to plait with. Just image sequins! 


  1. Hi,

    I absolutely love this Liberty print dress, may I ask what brand is this dress by? Or was it handmade?

    Thanks x

  2. Hi, yes the liberty print dress is one of Alexandra King's. You can find it on our website here http://alexandraking.bigcartel.com/product/liberty-claire-aude-print-tea-dress