Friday, 25 October 2013

DIY - Pleated silk bridesmaids belt.

Todays DIY is a gorgeous pleated cinch belt, perfect for adding your wedding theme colours to simple bridesmaids dresses. 

You will need: 0.5 metres of silk dupion, 2 hooks and eyes, thread
Equipment: sewing machine, iron, needle and thread

Step1: start by folding your piece of fabric in half length-ways so you have a long rectangle.
Sew together and then turn inside out.

Step 2: Take your piece of silk and fold into pleats. This is easiest done by pleating the centre, fixing in place with pins and the pressing along all the pleats with the hot iron.

Step 3: measure the waist measurements you would like and then cut to size leaving 2.5cms seam allowance.
Then tuck the ends inside the belt, pin in place and stitch with a neat blind stitch.

 Step 4: sew the hooks and eyes on the inside of the belt to fasten and there is your finished silk cinch belt.

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